The Atlas Football League plays a 10 on 10, down and distance game called Skirmish Football. It is our mission to aid young athletes by providing them with a venue to compete professionally in order to begin their adult lives without the burden of student debt. 

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• Each Atlas Football League has four teams representing the four playing card suits. Each franchise has two coaches per team and rosters of thirty multi position players. This is a bare bones blue collar game. 
• A two week preseason camp will train and immerse the athletes into the rules of Skirmish football as well as learning the offensive playbook and defensive schemes.

• Each team will play the other three teams twice over a six week schedule for seeding. 

• Each team will play a week seven playoff game.

• A week eight third place game will set draft order followed by a championship game a day after.

• Each athlete and coach will be payed a flat salary for ten total weeks.

• Each game will have a winner take all purse that will be divided evenly among the athletes and coaches. 



The Pitch-Grid football field fits on any football field including the Association football (soccer) pitch, Canadian football fields, American football fields, Rugby Union and Rugby League pitch. 
Each Pitch-Grid line serves a specific purpose. 

• Skirmish lines are fixed first down lines which include both 20 yard lines and the Centre 45 yard line. There is no measuring for first downs. The offense has 6 downs to cross the Centre Skirmish line for a first down. They then have 5 downs to cross the defense's 20 yard line. Inside the 20 or "Hot Zone", they then have 4 downs to score. Field goals can be attempted from anywhere.

• Each 30 yard line is called a "Boot line". The Boot lines have two purposes. An offense can call a timeout outside the opponent's Boot line to declare a Free-punt in order to attempt a 2 point field goal from the spot instead of from punt formation. The boot line also forces an free Boot (kickoff) to be recovered outside the 30 or the receiving team gains possession on the next play barring a fumble recovery. This is the field turnover rule. The kicking team can recover a free punt and score a Try, but if tackled short the receiving team gains possession at the spot. 

• Each 10 yard line is called an Overtime line. If there's a tie score after time runs out, each team will have a two down possession at their opponent's 10 yard line to score. The overtime winner has 1 point added to the regular score (no field goals in overtime). This is the only football game with extra innings.

• Each 5 yard line is a conversion line. After scoring the offense has one free option play to dropkick a field goal for 1 or advance the ball over the Try line for 2 points.

• There are two Try lines which are goal lines at both ends of the field. Behind each Try line are the end zones 
The Pitch-Grid field is 90 yards long x 53.3 yards wide. Both end zones are 9.6 yards deep x 53.3 yards wide. There are two post lines centered 12 feet apart for field goals. Each post line runs parallel to the side lines and stretch from the Try lines to the end zone rear boundry lines. 



Before 1940, the American football was rounder at both ends much like a Rugby ball. The old "Duke" was cumbersome and harder to pass. The reason was the 39' Spalding "Duke" was a larger ball than the 40' Wilson "Duke". Over the years the American football has gotten more pointed and smaller than it's original design. 

The Atlas Football League game ball is made by Burley of Perth Australia. Burley has been making footballs since 1907. The prototype is the Burley size 4 Carnival football. The ball is a hybrid football made in the shape of an Australian football with the same materials as a Rugby match ball with American football texture for grip. 

The ball is three ply cotton canvas laminate with a synthetic rubber blend outer coating. The ball requires 10 lbs psi and meets all requirements for game play which includes holding a tight spiral for long distances and a predictable bounce for dropkicking. 

The Burley Carnival prototype ball may seem a bit eccentric but results are results. The ball is the right shape and size and fits the game. The game ball will have a different look when the time comes.



By looking back into the history of football we've restored many aspects belonging to the game of football before 1920. Besides the ball's shape, the scoring values are revamped and are tailor made for gambling. 

• TRY   5
The touchdown is restored to it's original name and value before 1912. The Try is scored by advancing the ball across the plane of the Try line for 5 points. The ball must be touched down with force in order to score all 5 points. Failing to touch down the ball results in a "Touch-goal" worth just 1 point. The act of crowning the ball is where the word "touchdown" comes from. It is possible to fumble the ball in the end zone and only score 1 point. Catching a pass in the end zone and then stepping out of bounds yields a Touch-goal as well. This aspect of the game will anger fans and gamblers alike. That's exactly why we restored the touchdown to it's Rugby origin.

• BACKJACK    4 
The AFL safety is 4 points. This is new. We thought 2 points just wasn't painful enough for getting jacked in your own end zone. The offense does retain possession at their 20 because a Backjack is technically a touchback, all be it an expensive one. 

• FIELD GOAL    3 
The AFL will have a completely different kicking game. There's no place kicking. The 3 point field goal can be dropkicked or pitch-kicked. 
*The Pitch-kick is attempted when a backfield player receives the snap and hands or laterals the ball to the punter. The ball is then punted on the run. The ball must land in the end zone after sailing over the Try line and between both post lines. A pitch-kick sailing through the end zone is no good. 
*The Dropkick is directly snapped to the punter. The ball must touch the ground when boot meets ball. If a dropkick sails through the end zone between both post lines the attempt is good. The ball must be between the post lines as it crosses the Try line to be good for 3 points.

• DEUCE    2
Another AFL innovation is the Deuce. The two point field goal is punted most likely from long distances. The punted ball must land in the end zone between both post lines. This requires both aim and distance control. The Deuce can be attempted outside the opponent's boot line (30) by burning a timeout and declaring a free-punt to the referee. This allows the attempt from the spot instead of 14 yards back from punt formation.

• ACE    1
Everytime the ball crosses the Try line a point can be scored. If the ball is kneeled down or downed by coverage, an interception or fumble recovered in the end zone and not returned, failing to touch the ball down after advancing the ball across the Try line scores a Touch-goal for 1 point. 

AFL conversions are from the 5 yard line. The option play can be a field goal scoring 1, or advancing the ball across the Try line for 2 points. The conversion can be waved in order to Free-boot from the 45 Centre line. The Free-boot option is more than just a way to regain possession. *It is possible although unlikely to score 5 points by recovering the free-punted ball and Rugbying the ball into the opponent's end zone for 5 points. *The free-boot can score 2 if the ball lands in the end zone between both post lines or score a Touch-goal for 1, if the ball is downed or kneeled down in the end zone. 

The AFL has more ways to score!
And the punter is an offensive weapon. 



Every Atlas Football League must have a venue for it's four teams. The model is a football field surrounded by bleacher seating including several ramps and platforms for handicapped seating and standing room. Seating capacity should be between five and eight thousand comfortably. 

Behind the seating areas are spaces to be rented out to several gourmet lunch trucks, microbreweries and barbecue pit masters along with vendors selling league licensed gear. 

The venue for Atlas will be like going back in time to a simpler era. Each game will be live streamed and wagered on by anyone with a phone app. 



Completing the Atlas Football League vision are the fans. Earning fans is key for any sport. Our brand of football is designed to be high scoring, volatile, unpredictable, fair to defense and most importantly safe and fundamentally sound. We have no delusions. Every sport needs to earn it's fan base. Our game has a duty to be worth the money spent viewing it. Our promise to you is a clean competitive sport.

Every league has dedicated fans who purchase season tickets. As our brand expands and starts new four team leagues in other time zones we will develop a network wherein ticket holders will have the option to trade weekends with others who own weekend packages in other jurisdictions. 

Because Skirmish football shows it's Rugby DNA, our game will have a connection in the Rugby world. Someday we hope to have a league in all four time zones in the United States and leagues all over the Rugby world. We hope to cultivate a new industry we call Sports Tourism.



Skirmish Football is a safer game mandating the Rugby tackling method over hitting ball carriers down. More safety measures like a two foot neutral zone and outlawing the three point stance with exception of the center take the head out of the block and eliminate high speed helmet to helmet impact. It is also illegal to blindside impact receivers in favor of the wrap up and tackle method. This eliminates high speed violent impact and high speed change in direction incidents which cause concussions. Ball carriers and defenders are also not permitted to dive over the line or lead with the helmet to make contact. 

C.T.E. (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) prevention is not just a goal. It's actually how this brand of football got started. For every restriction mandated by the rules in the name of safety there's a positive offset opening up the game to more possibilities. The game's rules are much different which lends itself to more volatility and higher scores.